Transaction Banking
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To provide comprehensive financial solutions according to customer’s requirements by integrating customer’s upstream and downstream resources, achieving high efficiency of employed capital and improving customer’s profitability. Comprehensive financial solution includes: accounts receivable management, supply chain finance, cash management, trade finance, cross-border RMB service, commodity financing etc.


Receivables Management

To provide financing and managment services to customer’s receivables.


Cash management

To provide favorite deposit, structure deposit and account managemenet service.


Trade Finance

To provide import L/C, Guarantee, Standby L/C, Trust Receipt, Bills Avalisation, Export Finance etc to import and export customers.


Cross Border Renminbi Services

To provide cross-border Renminbi services to customers including Renminbi currency sales and purchases, Renminbi settlement (documentary credits, documentary collection, remittance), deposit, credit, trade finance, account financing, financial transaction, bank guarantee etc.


Commodity financing

To provide structure financing based on import and export business of commodity.